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Introduction to Yeahmobi

Yeahmobi is an intelligent mobile ad platform designed for businesses striving for international expansion and global user acquisition. Besides, it is the right place for developers and publishers looking for monetization opportunities. Yeahmobi’s goal is to “flatten the world with technology”, which means that the company aims to boost connectivity between businesses and users, creating, in such a way, an international ecosystem. Yeahmobi has influential partners like Yandex, Google, VK, Sega, Baidu, Quickr, Gameloft, Elex, etc.

Yeahmobi Company Stats

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Information for Advertisers

Yeahmobi specializes in result-oriented mobile user acquisition. Advertisers can take advantage of its performance-marketing network that matches their requirements with the right sources. It allows them to reach reputable publishers and monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns. Due to advanced social and search capabilities, advertisers can reach the target users through a variety of channels, including Google, Yandex, VK, Baidu, etc.

Yeahmobi offers user-friendly native ads that help acquire valuable customers, whilst boosting engagement rates and conversions. It is worth noticing that the company facilitates media buying and optimizes quality metrics in order to meet partners’ goals.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

For publishers, Yeahmobi provides enhanced monetization opportunities. Thousands of active campaigns in about 200 countries facilitate premium payouts. To keep track of campaigns’ effectiveness, developers can implement top-of-the-line tools and algorithms.

Besides, Yeahmobi provides tailored solutions for ad networks, developers and media buyers. Ad networks can get access to exclusive advertisers and maximize fill rates. Developers are empowered to monetize their inventory by integrating various ads. Last but not least, media buyers are entitled to beneficial payment options, advanced consultative services and international coverage of their campaigns.

Account Help

Contacts: 6F, West Tower, Western International Plaza, 2 Gaoxin Rd., Gaoxin District, Xi’an, China

Email: [email protected]



With offices in the US, China, Japan and Europe, the company strives to enhance global connectivity with the help of mobile. Yeahmobi has expertise in many fields, including games, apps, ecommerce, travel, etc. Therefore, it is constantly on the lookout for talented people willing to join its team. The company offers opportunities for professional growth and competitive remuneration packages. For more information visit:

Editor’s YeahMobi Review

Founded in 2011 in China, Yeahmobi has become a key brand of eClick Worldwide Network Technology Co., Ltd. It has received two prestigious awards at Google’s partners summit: “The Fastest-growing Premier Partner in Greater China Area” and “The Best Mobile Ad Service Premier Partner in China”.  Besides, its contribution are recognized by Amazon web services, which means that Yeahmobi is Amazon’s APN Technology Partner.

The company has offices in strategic geographical locations (Japan, US, Europe), which has helped it to establish its presence in the global market. Today, Yeahmobi is a reputable mobile marketing platform providing enhanced monetization and promotional solutions. It hires over 400 employees to support its operations and ensure prompt customer support, regardless of time zones.

Among Yeahmobi’s clients and partners, there are such reputable companies as Yahoo, Sega, Baidu, VK, IGG, OLX, Line, Freenet Digital, Cupid, Boyaa, Lovoo, Mixi, Quickr and many others. Due to numerous partnership and global expansion, the company manages to serve about 30+million downloads and about 160 billion impressions monthly. In such a way, it allows customers boost returns on investment and minimize ad costs.

Yeahmobi designs revolutionary tools for native mobile ads, i.e. Mana (its integration advertising platform) and Prime (the company’s optimization service). It is investing in technology in order to stay at the forefront of mobile advertising and provide partners with top-of-the-line solutions.

For publishers and developers, Yeahmobi has attractive monetization solutions. By integrating its SDK into their apps, partners can increase fill-rates, target the right users and monitor the performance of campaigns. What concerns revenues, Yeahmobi offers weekly payouts for publishers that have generated over 100$ during this period.

Advertisers can capitalize on promotional opportunities provided by the company. There are numerous possibilities to reach their target audience, i.e. via social media channels, search engines, etc. The company has an international performance network designed for user acquisition and engagement. Furthermore, it provides detailed stats that come handy when advertisers need to make changes and/or optimize their campaigns.

To conclude, Yeahmobi can be a great alternative for promotional and monetization purposes. It has special tools for building, optimizing and analyzing advertising campaigns. The company provides international reach for businesses striving to expand locally and overseas. So, it may be a good idea to try its services to cut ad costs and maximize ROI.

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