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Introduction to TrialPay

TrialPay is an alternative mobile advertising platform designed for advertisers and publishers willing to acquire new users and earn high revenues. It allows them to engage with top brands and expand their reach to numerous geographical locations. TrialPay offers expertise in several areas, including retail, software, online services, entertainment and others. Furthermore, it has established partnerships with key players from different industries, for example, Facebook, Fandago, Gap and TrendMicro.

TrialPay was acquired by Visa in 2015. Therefore, it got access to more funding opportunities. Today Greylock Partners, DAG Ventures, T. Rowe Price as well as Visa Inc. invest into its operations.

TrialPay Company Stats

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Information for Advertisers

Advertisers can reach existing customers and attract new ones by using TrialPay’s ad platform. The company helps advertisers contact top social media publishers and establish mutually beneficial partnerships. As a result, it is possible to engage customers through different channels and facilitate new leads. Due to the granular targeting solutions, advertisers can maximize their returns on investment and grow brand awareness.

The company has an action-based model in place, so advertisers are charged for results, i.e. app downloads. A unique feature of TrialPay is the ability to send out card-linked offers that usually contain free products. Such cards significantly increase traffic and enhance retention rates.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

TrialPay’s platform is the right place for increasing revenues and engaging new users. The company provides unique Evergreen SDK and Native Offers API that can be implemented to increase LTV. When using TrialPay services, publishers can engage the most valuable users and retain them by offering subscriptions. It is important to note that the company is partnering with key advertisers. So, it is possible to provide sponsored free trial solutions for the target audience, and in such a way, turn potential clients into loyal customers.

Account Help

Contacts: 800 California Street #300Mountain View, CA 94041, United States.



Today TrialPay is a subsidiary of Visa Inc. However, the company fosters a startup environment and promotes personal growth of its employees. The company is looking for ambitious people willing to work in an international company. TrialPay appreciates openness, hard work and fun, so if candidates share the same values, they are welcome to apply at

Editor’s TrialPay Review

TrialPay is an alternative platform for mobile monetization and promotion. The company brings together advertisers, publishers and brands willing to acquire new customers, generating higher revenues or facilitating sales.

In 2015, TrialPay was acquired by Visa, which allowed the company to get financing and backed up its operations with a reliable partner. In addition to Visa, such companies as Dag Ventures, Greylock Partners, Index Ventures, T Rowe Price invest in TrialPay.

Today TrialPay has 6 million monthly users in 180 countries. Furthermore, it connects advertising partners with 20,000 publishers worldwide. However, the aforementioned numbers are a bit lower than the ones of such competitors as SuperSonic, Smaato and AdMob, as they operate on a larger scale.

However, the company has influential partners, like Facebook, Gap and Fandago. So, it provides attractive opportunities for advertising agencies and media buyers. It is worth noticing that TrialPay employs a unique method called “Get it Free”, when users get one free product when purchasing a product. Meanwhile, all the parties involved in the process get something out of it. Advertisers bring new customers in, while online stores/ publisher increase sales due to higher traffic.

For publishers, TrialPay provides a special software development kit that facilitates the process of reaching advertisers and generating revenues. The company has several tools that allow publishers to design highly-effective ads, like interstitials, offer walls, banners and videos. All of them can be linked with coupons in order to attract more buyers and maximize ROI.

In case partners experience any problems with the platform or need help with designing or monitoring their campaigns, it’s possible to ask knowledgeable support managers for assistance. It is necessary to fill an online form and provide all the details in order to get prompt replies.

In conclusion, TrialPay is a unique mobile ad service allowing brands, online companies, advertisers and publishers reach ambitious marketing goals. It provides exclusive card-linked offers that generate sales and boost returns on investment. Also, TrialPay is investing in the newest technologies in order to deliver the best tools for customer acquisition and retention. Due to the fact that TrialPay is a subsidiary of Visa Inc., the possibility of not getting payouts is minimal. Therefore, it is a great solution for promotion and monetization.

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