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Introduction to Tapjoy

As an established mobile marketing automation platform, Tapjoy strives to facilitate user acquisition and boost revenues of its partners. The platform integrates professional marketing tools and the latest algorithms designed for top engagement rates and great revenue streams. Recently, Tapjoy has established partnerships with Fyber, MoPub and AerServ in order to provide top-of-the-line mediation services. With 4.23 million daily ad conversions and 520 million active users, Tapjoy is one of the leading platforms in the mobile advertising industry.

 Tapjoy Company Stats

Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapjoy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tapjoy

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tapjoy

Google+: https://plus.google.com/101639236465706266625

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Tapjoy

Information for Advertisers

Whether it is brand awareness, lead generation or user engagement, Tapjoy helps advertisers reach their marketing objectives. That is why the company provides numerous tools, including email alerts, mobile commerce, click-to-call, social traffic drivers, etc. Besides, there are revolutionary segmentation instruments and advanced analytics at place. By implementing those, users can get much needed insight about their target market and tweak their campaigns in accordance with its needs. For instance, if the majority of potential customers are located within the same geographic area, it’s possible to build special ads in local language. Advertisers can also check case studies, reports and webinars provided by Tapjoy in order to learn some optimization tricks.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

As a one-stop shop, Tapjoy provides all the necessary tools and strategies for monetization. By using predictive analytics, publishers can easily identify the most valuable users and learn more about their backgrounds. This information is crucial for building an effective marketing campaign and choosing the right ad types, i.e. automated push notifications, announcements or custom in-app engagements. Furthermore, it’s possible to display the right ads in the right moment when potential clients are most likely to buy. Tapjoy has half a billion of active users worldwide, which means that publishers can easily maximize their revenues.

Account Help

Contact: San Francisco, California, 111 Sutter St., 12th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104.

FAQ: http://dev.tapjoy.com/faq/


While operating on a global scale, Tapjoy strives to maintain a friendly and family-like atmosphere of a startup. Since the company is still growing, it is looking for talented people passionate about mobile. Tapjoy provides a number of perks, like educational assistance, volunteer opportunities, flexible spending accounts, commuter benefits, health insurance, meal allowances and many others. In order to learn more about the company’s culture and available job openings visit https://home.tapjoy.com/info/about-tapjoy/careers/

Editor’s Tapjoy Review

Tapjoy is a global mobile marketing platform for advertisers and developers. Founded in 2007, the company expanded its operations to offices in the UK, US, China and Japan. Tapjoy is positioning its promotional and monetization services as premium. However, there are several things to consider before becoming an affiliate or a customer.

Tapjoy claims to provide state-of-the-art tools for advertisers so that they can generate quality leads, bring new customers in and maximize conversion rates. Besides, there are advanced algorithms for better segmentation. Advertisers can choose from a variety of ad formats, like click-to-call, click-to-text, email alerts and announcements. For more information about campaign building and implementation, aspiring advertisers can check sources available on the website.

For developers and publishers, Tapjoy has a complete monetization suit in place. There are targeting tools, analytics, reports, etc. It may seem that publishers have all the needed instruments for earning money. However, Tapjoy does not always deliver what it claims to. In fact, it is very likely that the company provides incentivized downloads to boost its own revenues. Furthermore, there are numerous complaints about its customer service. Many users state that Tapjoy doesn’t provide the promised payouts.

Why are incentivized downloads undesirable for advertisers and publishers? To answer this question, it’s necessarily to look at the mechanism behind incentivizing users. Some mobile platforms, including Tapjoy, pay their active users for installing apps or watching advertising. As a result, the platform generates high download or impression rates. And since it charges its partners for results, publishers and advertisers pay a commission to Tapjoy. However, such downloads do not help advertisers to increase engagement and retention rates. On the contrary, they undermine a brand image. For developers, incentivized downloads don’t do much good either. Their apps are downloaded for wrong reasons and get uninstalled really fast. Hence, it is impossible to reach top rankings in app marketplaces and get much money out of it.

Overall, Tapjoy may be a viable alternative for advertisers and developers who do not care much about their brand image and just try to generate maximum revenues. Tapjoy has several spots on its reputation, and it’s very likely that the company hasn’t learnt its lesson yet. Therefore, it may provide incentivized downloads and employ other unreliable marketing techniques. There are many issues regarding payouts and user retention rates. So if potential affiliates do not want to gamble with their reputation, it is better to opt for another mobile ad platform.

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