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Introduction to Supersonic

Founded in 2009 in the US, Supersonic has become an international mobile monetization and marketing platform. The company stays at the forefront of mobile advertising trends and implements the latest tools to increase publishers’ revenues and boost advertisers’ visibility. Supersonic is known for its partnerships with influential advertisers and media buyers. With a base of 500 million active users, the company serves 250 thousand installs daily. The company has opened its offices in the UK, Israel, Russian and China. However, it is still growing and planning to expand to new locations.

Supersonic Company Stats

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Information for Advertisers

Advertisers looking for effective user acquisition tools can find those at Supersonic. The platform offers unique targeting solutions that allow identifying the most valuable users. Therefore, advertisers can design their campaigns more effectively. Supersonic also provides several ad formats that can be tested. It means that advertisers can choose the top performing ads to increase user engagement and retention. As a result, it is possible to minimize advertising costs and enjoy quality leads.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

To monetize an app, developers should integrate a specially designed lightweight SDK. It does not require any changes in the app and is easy to install. To maximize revenues, developers and publishers can also implement the following tools:

  • Offer walls;
  • Mobile videos;
  • Interstitial ads;
  • Video mediation.

Account Help

Contacts: 17 Bluxome St. San Francisco, CA94107, United States.

Phone: +1 650 825 6010;



As a constantly growing international company, Supersonic is looking for best talents interested in mobile technologies. The company values transparent communication, positive attitudes and creativity. Even though Supersonic fosters hard work, it always allows team members to have some time for unwinding and relaxation. In terms of benefits, the company offers attractive bonus programs, stock options, free meals, healthcare insurance, etc. More information is available at

Editor’s Supersonic Review

Supersonic is a mobile ad platform created for aspiring and professional advertisers and developers. In fact, everyone who wants to increase their brand awareness or get revenue from some app or game can do it with the Supersonic’s platform.

The company was established in 2009, and thanks to ambitious goals and proper management, it expanded quickly. Today Supersonic has offices in San Francisco, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Moscow, New York City and London. Due to its global coverage, Supersonic reaches over 500 million users every month. The company works with influential advertisers and top brands, like ASOS, Dove, Adidas, Honda, Intel, Citroen, O2, Odeon and Sony Pictures. Therefore, more and more publishers and developers opt for using the platform.

With an extensive user base at place, Supersonic offers attractive monetization opportunities for publishers. To begin with, they should integrate a powerful SDK that supports different ad formats, including offer walls, videos and interstitials. After that, publishers can capitalize on mediation services and performance tracking tools. It should be noted that the company empowers developers by providing professional monetization and network management solutions.

Just like publishers, advertisers can reap amazing benefits from the Supersonic’s ad mediation platform. The company offers top-of-the-line algorithms for identifying target users and provides information about their background, location, gender, etc. In contrast to many competitors, Supersonic enables user segment tracking and checking retention rates. By using such information, advertisers can tailor their campaigns to particular user segments and hence generate more leads.

Supersonic allows experimenting with various ad formats so that advertisers can find the most suitable one. It is important to remember that the company works with leading developers and brands, therefore, all the ads will be shown to the most valuable customers.

Whenever one has questions regarding mediation services, tools or procedures, they can contact customer representatives. To do that, it is possible to either fill an online form or give them a call. Supersonic ensures high quality customer service, so all the requests are processed very fast.

To sum up, Supersonic is a trustworthy alternative for developers and advertisers pursuing ambitious goals. It provides global reach and enables partnerships with leading industry players. The company has a wide range of targeting, customization, optimization and tracking tools, which makes it easy to build and monitor a performing campaign.

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