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Introduction to StartApp

StartApp offers revolutionary mobile ad solutions for publishers and advertising partners. Founded in 2010, the company has quickly built a name in its industry with the help of the next-level collaborative platform (SODA). It delivers great results in terms of promotion and also provides advanced monetization opportunities. Due to innovative algorithms, SODA makes it possible to improve targeting and optimize a mobile advertising strategy in order to serve the right ads at the right time. StartApp ensures global coverage, therefore, its partners have access to approx. 480 million users monthly.

StartApp Company Stats

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Information for Advertisers

StartApp partners with such influential companies as Uber, YouTube and 365 Scores in order to help its affiliates publicize their own brands. Advertisers working with StartApp can access inventory and various tools for developing their campaigns. The platform provides revolutionary targeting capabilities, so affiliates can target their potential customers by country, device type, category and other criteria. Furthermore, SODA offers real-time reports for advertisers willing to monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns. It is worth mentioning that SmartApp supports various types of ads, including inside and outside ones.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

By implementing SODA capabilities, publishers deliver outstanding user experience whilst monetizing their apps. It is possible to partner with other publishers in order to get more attention to a particular product.

StartApp offers a powerful yet lightweight SDK for developers willing to earn on their products. It is compatible with all the applications. In order to set a campaign up and running, developers should integrate the SDK into their apps. In terms of payment options, StartApp operates on a revenue-shared basis, which means that its commission depends on the earnings of any given partner.

Account Help

Contacts: 584 Broadway Suite 1206 New York, NY 10012, United States.

Email: [email protected]



StartApp is an international company with offices in the US, Brazil, Europe, Russia and China. In spite of the fact that the company is geographically dispersed, it managed to create a unique culture and a friendly work environment. StartApp’s operations are based on such values as professionalism, commitment and cooperation. The company believes that employees are the main assets, so there is a great reward system at place.  More information about benefits and job openings is available at

Editor’s StartApp Review

As a trustworthy mobile ad service, StartApp helps advertising partners and app developers overcome challenges related to promotion and monetization. Not only StartApp offers state-of-the-art tools for building an effective campaign, it also provides global coverage. Due to its quality solutions and high customer engagement rates, the company has built a great brand image.

StartApp is headquartered in NYC, but it also has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Sao Paolo. After establishing its global presence, the company managed to attract key investors and influential partners, including 365 scores, Uber, and YouTube. Every month, StartApp reaches around 500 million unique users, willing to try solutions of the company’s affiliates.

Publishers, media partners and app developers can capitalize on SODA’s monetization opportunities. In order to generate earnings, developers have to integrate StartApp’s SDK into their apps. It is possible to select either full or partial integration. Developers can try both options and choose the one that provides better results. However, there is one important thing to consider. As soon as SDK is integrated into an app, it starts sending out permissions for showing ads. Some users may be bothered by such notifications, which may undermine chances of engagement.

Advertisers using StartApp benefit from higher user acquisition rates, quality leads and better exposure. To build a user-friendly campaign and enhance engagement, advertisers can use special instruments available on the platform. SODA incorporates advanced tools that allow advertisers to target users by carrier, device, connection type, geographical location, OS and gender. In terms of payment options, it is possible to choose from CPA, CPI, CPC or CPM models.

In case one needs professional assistance with the platform or has an individual project in mind, they can contact the company’s representatives by sending an online message. StartApp ensures top quality support, so all the inquiries are processed instantly.

In a nutshell, advertisers as well as app developers can reach their marketing goals with the help of StartApp. Since the company has a solid reputation in the market and operates on the international scale, it allows accessing millions of potential customers. In such a way, its affiliates can maximize revenues, boost visibility and generate sales.

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