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Introduction to Smaato

Founded in 2005, Smaato has established a solid reputation in the mobile advertising market. The company has introduced an advanced platform (SPX) that brings together publishers and advertisers. SPX integrates 130 networks and about 300 demand side platforms, which makes it an attractive venue for monetization and promotional purposes. It is interesting to note that Smaato won several prestigious awards, including Top 100 Private Company Award and Global 250 Winners prize in the Mobile category. The company is a member of OpenRTB Mobile Subcommittee, Singapore IT Federation, German Digital Media Association and Mobile Entertainment Forum.

Smaato Company Stats

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Information for Advertisers

Since Smaato serves 300 billion impressions and offers access to 90, 000+ publishers, it is a perfect place for advertisers. Furthermore, the company offers such benefits as fast integration, global reach, first look traffic and advanced testing. When implementing Smaato services, advertisers can enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns and significantly increase returns on investments. It is important to note that Microsoft, BBM, Pinger and Outfit 7 use SPX as their advertising platform.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

SPX allows publishers optimize revenue streams, increase fill rates and eCPMs. Smaato’s ad platform was built to connect publishers with advertisers so they can establish transparent partnerships and close deals. SPX integrates 450 advertising networks providing great monetization opportunities for publishers. Furthermore, it empowers developers to check the best ad rates, get informative reports and mediate leading ad network services.

Account Help

Contacts: Valentinskamp 70, Emporio, 19th Floor, 20355, Hamburg.

Email: [email protected];

Phone: + 494034809490;

Fax: +494049219055.


Smaato is an international company with offices in Europe, Asia and the US. The company has four prominent teams, including sales, marketing, product management and engineering. Smaato implements three core values, leadership, people and commitment, in its daily operations. Besides, it promotes team spirit, innovation and talent. The company provides a number of attractive benefits, such as flexible schedules, competitive remuneration packages, food allowances and many others. Potential candidates can learn more at

Editor’s Smaato Review

Since 2005, Smaato brings app developers and advertising partners together to help them reach their mobile marketing goals. Today, Smaato is a reputable award-winning platform offering monetization and promotional solutions to partners in 230 countries. Due to the fact that it aggregates 450 ad networks and DSPs, the company manages to serve 10 billion ad impressions daily. Operating at such a scale, Smaato is one of the market leaders.

Smaato was founded in Germany, but due its fast growth, it has opened offices in the US and Singapore. The company has established a positive brand image, which attracted the attention of key market specialists and influencers. Smaato was distinguished with Always On Media’s Top 100 Private Company Award for seven times. It was also rewarded with AlwaysOn Global 250 Winners prize four times.

Smaato empowers advertisers to target their audience effectively and reach customers in all the possible locations. Thanks to its advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities, the platform facilitates user acquisition and maximizes visibility. When connecting to Smaato’s RTB ad exchange, advertisers get access to the company’s inventory, which allows them to save time and resources.

Publishers willing to maximize eCPMs and fill rates can take advantage of Smaato’s publisher ad platform (SPX). The platform offers advanced integration, automation and monetization tools, which enable partners create campaigns and keep track of their effectiveness. What is more, SPX integrates SDK mediation services, API reporting and a private marketplace. Note that in terms of ad formats, Smaato supports VAST videos, native ads, interactive banners and other units.

As a global advertising service, Smaato constantly monitors mobile trends in order to stay ahead of the competition. It invests in research and development, and also, pays much attention to the situation in the market. The company regularly issues reports covering existing and potential opportunities in the industry.

To conclude, Smaato is one of the best performing mobile ad platforms operating on a global scale. It provides attractive monetization opportunities for partners using its publisher platform, whilst allowing advertisers publicize their apps more effectively. Thanks to revolutionary technologies and algorithms, Smaato offers a superior set of targeting, integration and optimization tools. Therefore, advertisers and publishers alike can benefit from using Smaato mobile advertising services.

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