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Introduction to Mobusi

Impresiones Web, a Spanish ad network, has established Mobusi in 2009 in order to provide mobile marketing solutions for developers and advertising agencies. The mobile platform has gained a good reputation in the local market and continued to grow internationally. Today, Mobusi has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico and Singapore. The company’s goal is to help partners reach ambitious promotional and monetization goals by providing them with all the necessary tools and connections. Mobusi delivers over 80 million clicks and 250,000 conversions on a daily basis.

Mobusi Company Stats

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Information for Advertisers

Advertisers trying to promote apps within a particular geographical area or worldwide, can do it by implementing Mobusi targeting tools. There are around 5,000 individual advertisers and agencies working with the platform to maximize visibility, boost ROI and generate new leads.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Publishers and app developers willing to increase their revenues can use Mobusi solutions. The platform has special tools for improving fill rates and enhancing performance of any campaign.

Account Help

Contacts: Quintana 2, 2nd Floor, 28008, Madrid, Spain.

Phone: +34 911 610 116

Email: [email protected]


Mobusi does not have any job openings at the moment.

Editor’s Mobusi Review

Mobusi is a subsidiary of a Spanish web-advertising platform, built to help publishers and advertisers reach their audience via mobile. The company is trying to establish its name on the international arena, therefore, it has opened offices not only in Spain but also in Mexico and Singapore. A striking feature of company’s management team is that consists only of seasoned professionals with over 10 years of experience.

The company has thousands of active users, media buyers, publishers and social media partners. Mobusi delivers over 200, 000 leads daily, which makes it an attractive venue for advertisers. Besides, it is working on establishing partnerships with big brands, game distributors and leading entertainment agencies. Therefore, it offers more and more monetization opportunities for publishers.

Mobusi shares its achievements with the audience by providing statistics of clicks, ongoing campaigns and sales. Thus, potential and existing partners can evaluate how well the platform performs and decide whether it is worth their investments.

Mobusi enables advertisers to increase brand awareness, generate new leads and facilitate engagement by offering customizable campaigns. Advertisers can use targeting tools to understand their audience better and build performing ads. Mobusi allows partners to select from several ad formats, such as interstitials, videos, banners, pop-up notifications and rich media. It is worth noticing that the company has several payment options at place: CPI, CPL, CPC, CPA and CPM, so it is easy to opt for the most suitable one.

Professional publishers as well as individual app developers can monetize using Mobusi platform. The company has partnerships with key advertisers and media buyers who can help with generating revenues. However, publishers should always keep an eye on their campaign performance in order to make the necessary changes if something goes wrong. Fortunately, Mobusi provides effective reporting tools for such purposes.

Mobusi delivers great customer support to clients operating in different geographical locations. Partners can reach company representatives by phone and email. Alternatively, they can fill in a special contact form on the company’s website. Customer support representatives quickly proceed enquires in order to provide excellent service and maintain long-term relationship with customers.

To conclude, Mobusi is an expanding mobile advertising platform offering attractive solutions for advertisers and publishers.  Despite partnerships with influential enterprises, the company still lacks presence on the global arena. Furthermore, the set of provided monetization and promotional tools is inferior to the sets of competitors. However, Mobusi can be a viable option for individual developers and advertisers testing the water.

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