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Introduction to Matomy

Matomy (the official name: Matomy Media Group) is one of the major players in the mobile advertising industry. Not only was it listed among Top 20 CPA in the Blue Book, but also it managed to become a global performance-based company. Founded in 2007 in Israel, Matomy has expanded its offices to key strategic locations: US, UK, Europe, Canada and Mexico. It delivers top marketing results by using multiple channels and mobile platforms. The company aims to maximize revenues of media partners by offering CPA, CPI and CMP models. Matomy serves over 120 billion impressions every month.

Matomy Company Stats

  • Website:
  • Founded in 2007;
  • Company size: 201-500 employees;
  • Offices: Israel (headquarters), US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany and Austria;

Social Media Accounts:






Information for Advertisers

Matomy Media Group is a one-stop shop for advertisers. It provides multiple solutions for cross-channel promotion. The company helps advertisers reach their audience via social media, mobile apps, videos, search engines and other channels. Matomy is a gateway to generating quality leads, reaching valuable customers and maximizing returns on investment. Due to advanced targeting options and optimization algorithms, advertisers can reach even the most ambitious acquisition and engagement goals. Over 1500 global marketers work with Matomy on a regular basis. Alibaba, Playtika, Wooga, WonderMall and Gree are among them.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Publishers, developers and media partners monetize globally by using Matomy services. The company provides outstanding mobile and web advertising experience by:

  • Trading: Matomy offers access to over 500 demand partners from around the world.
  • Managed Media: the company enables advanced bookings and fixed eCPMs. It has effective revenue models at place.
  • Marketplace: there are 6,000+ offers constantly available.

Matomy charges its media partners only when they start generating revenues with the help of its tools and algorithms.

Account Help

Contacts: Israel, Tel Aviv, 6 Hanechoshet St. (Headquarters)

Phone: +972 77 360 6060



Headquartered in Israel and present in eight key locations globally, Matomy provides job opportunities within an international environment. The company selects only the most talented candidates and helps them promote their skills. Among the top values of the company are teamwork, innovation, excellence and fun. The key to success of any candidate is their passion towards digital advertising and personal development. More information is available at

Editor’s Matomy Review

Founded in Israel in 2007, today Matomy has become one of the key performance-based advertising companies in the world. With offices in Europe, US, UK, Mexico and Canada, Matomy has expanded its reach to many geographical locations and has brought thousands of publishers and advertisers together. The main goal of the company is to help users boost their revenues by delivering impressive advertising campaigns across mobile and web channels. That is why it is constantly improving its services. It is interesting to note that the company has invested $50 million in the latest technologies.

Matomy’s publisher base has over 10,000 partners and media buyers who monetize by implementing its advanced tools. The platform makes it easy to reach target audiences through a variety of channels, including social media, freemium games and MMOs. Media buyers are provided with state-of-the-art targeting and optimization solutions. Professional tools are designed to deliver traffic in given countries and identify the most valuable users. What is more, publishers constantly get reports regarding the effectiveness of their campaigns. Among Matomy’s partners are, PhotoBucket, PlayBuzz, GameBasics and the Washington Times.

It is important to state that Matomy has effective advertising tools, very popular with global marketers. In addition to advanced targeting and optimization solutions, the company offers expertise in different areas, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, home services and entertainment. Since Matomy has partnered with publishers around the world, it is possible to promote apps in any given region. When it comes to ad formats, advertisers can choose from banners, push notifications, text links, catfish and intromercial ads.

Matomy is known for its professional customer support. Dedicated representatives are available around the clock since the company operates in different time zones. One can reach them by sending an email or giving a call. Also, there are knowledgeable account managers who provide the necessary information about the company’s solutions and tailor campaigns in accordance with customer needs.

Matomy Mobile Group has attractive conditions for affiliates. However, before joining any of its programs, one should consider the possibility of inconsistent earnings as sometimes affiliates manage to make thousands of dollars, but it is quite common that their earnings are not stable.

To sum up, Matomy Media Group is a great choice for both advertisers and publishers. Due to its technological advancement and top customer support, the company allows its partners to facilitate sales, increase traffic and boost revenues. Users can take advantage of various ad formats, targeting algorithms, optimization reports and payment options. Still, it’s essential to remember about potential drawbacks like hybrid payment models and strict rules regarding ad format changes.

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