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Introduction to ayeT-Studios

ayeT-Studios is an aspiring web and mobile advertising company situated in Hanover, Germany. With just a few people onboard, it manages to promote Android apps developed by individual professionals and start-ups. The company’s mission is to bring mobile ad solutions to a wide audience and make them affordable for everyone. ayeT-Studios targets small enterprises and developers who are willing to increase brand visibility and attract new customers.  It is worth noticing that the company provides self-service ads designed to boost revenues.

ayeT-Studios Company Stats

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayeT-Studios-1727443234143558/

Google +: https://plus.google.com/109103476961973257118/about

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ayetstudios

Information for Advertisers

Advertisers can benefit from Android app promotion. Working on a CPI basis, the company helps individuals to make their apps more noticeable in the Play Store. Also, it offers incentivized downloads that facilitate app installation. ayeT-Studios has established a global ad network, so it pays its partners to download an app. It often results in higher rankings in the Play Store. However, many users do not keep an app for long, so the retention rate is quite low.

Information for Publishers

ayeT-Studios may not be interesting for publishers since it does not offer monetization opportunities. Nevertheless, it has an option for people trying to make money. Its app, CashPirate, allows users to earn by downloading apps, playing online games, taking part in surveys, etc. Also, CashPirate’s referral program comes handy for earning additional bonuses.

Account Help

Contacts: ayeT-Studios GmbH, Goseriede 1, 30159 Hanover, Germany;
Email: [email protected]
Skype: ayet-studios


ayet-studios does not have any open vacancies at the moment.

Editor’s ayeT-Studios Review

Founded in Hannover, Germany, ayeT-Studios is setting its foot in the mobile advertising industry. It hires about ten people who specialize in web development and mobile app promotion. The company works only with Android-based mobile applications. The primary audience of ayeT-Studios are self-starters, individual developers and small enterprisers looking for assistance with mobile advertising.

The company has established partnerships with users from all around the world, who get certain bonuses for downloading apps. It allows ayeT-Studios deliver incentivized downloads and boost rankings of their customers’ apps in the Play Store. Still, such a model is not always acceptable for every business.

It’s essential to know how it works in order to decide whether it will help a given developer get the desired results. ayeT-Studios charges money for every download, so the bigger the number of downloads, the higher the price. However, to facilitate downloads, the company provides users with certain incentives, i.e. offering free goods in an online game. It leads to the situation when users download apps for wrong reasons and completely forget about them or, in the worst case, delete apps immediately after installation. In such a way, user retention is extremely low. What’s more, developers may never reach their target audience.

It is worth noticing that ayeT-Studios promotes ‘high retention campaigns’. They are designed to make sure that users do not uninstall apps for at least three days. If an app is removed within this period, the company does not charge developers for a certain number of future downloads. Still, such a strategy does rarely bring good results in the long run.

ayeT-Studio is still working on its partner’s base, but it has not attracted major international players yet. Therefore, customers don’t have much chances of reaching key publishers, which may be a disadvantage for their business.

The company does not provide monetization opportunities for publishers. In contrast to competitors offering special SDKs to earn money, ayeT-Studios does not have such a tool.  Therefore, if developers and startups are willing to boost revenues, they may be better off by working with other mobile ad platforms.

To sum up, ayeT-Studios is a small company that is just starting to work in the mobile ad industry. Its major goal is to attract developers and startups willing to promote their Android apps. However, the company is not the best mobile ad platform available on the market as it offers incentivized downloads that result in low retention and engagement rates.

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