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Introduction to Appnext

Appnext is a well-established app monetization and promotion platform that connects advertisers and publishers on a global scale. With the best talents onboard, the company delivers 12 billion impressions in about 200 countries monthly. Appnext operates on a CPI basis, enabling advertisers to bid directly for their target users. The company gives publishers an opportunity to maximize revenues by recommending the right apps to their audience. Such companies as CBS, Trivago, Drippler, LOVOO, OLX, Baidu, etc., use Appnext services.

Appnext Company Stats

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Information for Advertisers

Appnext’s self-service platform is the right place for advertisers trying to augment app growth and visibility. With 490 million unique users, it brings together leading publishers and advertisers. So, it is possible to establish transparent partnerships and facilitate a campaign’s performance. The platform has advanced targeting algorithms at place, which come handy when identifying the most valuable customers and locations where a given app sells best. Advertisers are charged only for installs, and since Appnext does not deliver incentivized downloads, they pay only for real results.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

App developers, publishers and media partners can build a prosperous app distribution business and maximize their earnings.

For developers, Appnext provides a powerful SDK designed to facilitate contacts with top advertisers and get new revenue streams. In case an individual developer is willing to promote his or her app, this person can join the Appnext community and build a name there. Furthermore, it is possible to create an attractive ad, be it a video, an app wall or an interstitial and empower advertisers to use it for promotion.

Since Appnext provides global coverage, publishers and media partners have a chance to bring new customers in. The platform analyzes potential interests and preferences of the target audience and displays only the apps users are likely to be interested in.

Account Help

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Appnext is a company operating on a global scale. It has opened offices in Israel, China and the US, but it is still growing and looking for new talents. It offers attractive opportunities for personal development and promotion. More information about available job vacancies can be found at

Editor’s Appnext Review

Founded in 2012, Appnext is a global monetization and app distribution platform designed for advertisers, developers and media partners. As a one-stop-shop, the company offers all the needed tools, i.e. native ads, SDK and API, to get a marketing campaign up and running. Appnext has offices in strategic geographic locations: US, China and Israel. Therefore, it is easy for the company to reach users from all over the world. Today, it has 490 active users and delivers installs to 230 countries. According to the company’s statics, it generates 12 billion impressions every month, which makes it a great place for promotion.

Since Appnext keeps all the reports regarding its operations and revenues secret, it is hard to evaluate the success of the enterprise and identify possible risks. Still, the company has established partnerships with some leading advertisers and publishers, which may be a good sign for potential affiliates.

Appnext allows developers, websites and media partners increase their revenues by promoting different apps. The company provides needed tools for building different types of ads that can catch the target audience’s attention. It is worth noticing that Appnext is still growing and establishing new partnerships. It means there are attractive opportunities to maximizing revenue streams.

Advertisers using Appnext platform can boost visibility of their apps, generate new leads and hence facilitate sales. The company provides targeting and tracking tools, which help advertisers tweak their campaigns whenever it’s needed. Appnext has a CPI model at place, which is quite beneficial, especially taking into consideration that it delivers only quality leads.

There is much to be done in order to improve customer support service. The company provides only its email and online contact forms that can be used for reaching its representatives. However, there is no headquarter/office address nor a contact phone number. Therefore, in case of emergency it may be quite complicated to get professional support and advice.

To sum up, Appnext is quite an average mobile advertising platform. Just like many of its competitors, it brings together publishers and advertisers and helps them reach their marketing goals. However, there are two important things to remember before employing its services. First, the company does not disclose much information about its revenues, operations and offices, which makes it look quite suspicious. Second, there is no contact phone for reaching customer support in case one needs an instant reply. Hence, it may be a good idea to check other mobile ad services.

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