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Introduction to AppBrain

Developed by AppTornado GmbH as a marketplace for app promotion and monetization, AppBrain has earned a good reputation in the industry. The platform works on a pay-per-install basis, allowing users publicize their apps and reach the most valuable customers. Besides, AppBrain offers a specially designed SDK that can be incorporated in any app to monetize it. The company issues monthly payouts to PayPal or bank accounts. Furthermore, it provides special bonuses for reinvesting earnings into its promotion system.

AppBrain Company Stats

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Information for Advertisers

AppBrain offers promotional opportunities for advertisers from around the globe. It is possible to customize advertising campaigns on a country base and target users more selectively. Since AppBrain operates on a CPI basis, partners are charged only when their mobile applications are installed. Platform users have access to an intuitive dashboard that offers real-time tracking, which is makes it simple to monitor the impact of a given campaign and plan a budget accordingly. It is important to note that AppBrain delivers only un-incentivized downloads, so users download apps voluntarily and only because they are interested in them.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Publishers and developers use AppBrain to monetize their apps. In order to do so, they integrate a special lightweight SDK in their Android apps. In such a way, they get a tool for building banners and interstitial ads with high eCPMs. Since all the ads are user-friendly and informative, they are very likely to facilitate sales and hence boost returns on investment. It’s worth mentioning that AppBrain provides detailed statistics regarding users and their background. In such a way, publishers can get valuable insights and improve their campaigns.

Account Help

Contact: Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland.

Feedback: [email protected]

Advertising & Partnerships: [email protected]



AppBrain is owned by AppTornado, a rapidly growing company. At the moment, AppTornado has offices in Switzerland and the Netherlands, and it is expanding its operations. Therefore, it is looking for new employees passionate about software and striving to work in a fast-paced environment.  For more information, check

Editor’s AppBrain Review

AppBrain is a subsidiary of AppTornado, a web and mobile app development company. When trying to promote and monetize its products, AppTornado has decided to create its own marketplace that enables users to discover new applications and publicize their own.  At AppBrain, customers can find valuable information about trendy Android apps and games, learn how to monetize their own products and attract their target audience.

One of the most prominent components of the AppBrain platform is its AppMarket. This application was designed to facilitate search so that users could easily find what they are looking for and get information about new apps on Google Play. AppMarket has been downloaded for over five million times, and it is still very popular with the audience.

AppMarket gives aspiring developers an opportunity for fast promotion, since anyone can place their applications and games on the market without breaking the bank. Still, it is not easy for the target audience to notice outstanding apps that has just appeared on Google Play, because the number of competitors is overwhelming.

In terms of advertising opportunities, AppBrain is a suitable platform for publicizing new and existing games and apps. It provides tools for customizing campaigns in accordance with different requirements, i.e. on a country/language basis. Additionally, the platform features a top-of-the-line algorithm for advanced targeting. Hence, advertisers can reach exactly the right audience.

Unlike some of its competitors, AppBrain delivers only quality un-incentivized downloads, which results in higher engagement and retention rates. Therefore, AppBrain partners receive positive feedback from their clients and have higher number of leads.

In order to set AppBrain up and running, one should create an account and follow instructions. The installation process is fast and simple. After creating an account, users can track the performance of their campaigns in real time.

What concerns monetization opportunities, AppBrain offers quite a few. More than 40,000 publishers participate in the monetization process. In order to reach them and start generating revenues, the AppBrain’s SDK is required. The kit is lightweight and easy to integrate with any app. It is designed for building user-friendly banners and interstitial ads.

Whenever partners experience problems with the platform, SDK or payouts, they can send an enquiry to AppBrain’s customer support. Usually, company representatives reply very fast, so it is unlikely that one will have difficulties reaching them.

To sum up, AppBrain is a reasonable solution for publicizing and monetizing Android games and apps. It delivers quality downloads and has the necessary tools for targeting, analyzing and measuring the performance of campaigns. Still, AppBrain works only with Android based solutions, so it is not suitable for anyone trying to promote iOS based applications.

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