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Introduction to App2Top

App2Top is a new startup specializing in mobile promotional services for developers and advertisers. The company is located in Russia and employs up to 10 employees. In order to expand, App2Top establishes partnerships with users from many countries. Such partnerships are vital for its operations since the company provides incentivized downloads, ratings and reviews. The price rates for its services are quite competitive. App2Top accepts credit and debit cards (MasterCard & Visa) along with PayPal payments.

App2Top Company Stats

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Information for Advertisers

App2Top specializes in promotion of mobile games and applications on Google Play. Due to incentivized installs and reviews, developers can obtain much-needed visibility for their products. According to the stats provided at the website, App2Top delivered over 3million downloads and promoted 13, 000 apps. When choosing this service, customers pay for artificial promotions that boost app and game visibility on Google Play.

Account Help

Contacts: Lenina Street 87-11, Sljudjanka, Russia
Email: [email protected]
Skype: app2top


App2Top does not provide information about job openings on their official website. However, the founder is recruiting talents via his VK account: Note that information is available only in Russian.

Editor’s App2Top Review

Founded by young entrepreneurs, App2Top is still working on building its brand image in the advertising industry. The startup is located in Russia, but the founders are establishing partnerships with users from different parts of the world. Employing less than 10 people, App2Top faces enormous competition from the mobile ad giants, like AdMob. The main focus of the company lies in promotion of Android-based applications and games.

Independent developers striving to promote their apps on Google Play can benefit from the service of App2Top. However, they should be aware that the company increases awareness by using quite unreliable methods. App2Top has partners in numerous countries, so it provides them with incentives to download apps and games, rate them or write reviews. In such a way, the ranking of a given application is increasing on Google Play, and it becomes more noticeable. However, the retention rates are not very high, which may negatively influence a brand image.

One of the founders stated in the company’s Twitter account that they have new countries where apps can be installed. Still, the company does not cover all the destinations and does not have influential partners. Therefore, if users are planning to promote an app within a given geographical location, it is better to double check if App2Top covers it.

It is important to note that App2Top does not provide any targeting or optimization tools, like some of its competitors. Therefore, there is no guarantee that an app will ever reach the target customers. Furthermore, there are no optimization tools, so users will not be able to test and improve their apps in order to increase their performance. That is why it may be a good idea to choose established advertising companies that have a solid reputation in the market.

It is interesting to note that App2Top has few testimonials on its official website. Still, all of them have been written by company employees, which is quite suspicious. If the company has not managed to generate at least one testimonial after delivering 3 million downloads (as it states on the website), then there are two possible scenarios. The company is either lying about its services or it does not post reviews for some reason. In any case, App2Top does not seem to be a reputable service.

To conclude, App2Top has not built its reputation in the market yet. Even though it offers promotional services for low prices, it is not the best company in the market. There are many questions regarding the quality of the services it delivers. That is why, it will not help users striving to create a good image in their industry. What is more, by using its services developers put their reputation at stake.

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