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Introduction to AdMob

AdMob is an established market leader in the mobile advertising industry. As Google’s subsidiary, it provides ads for all mobile Internet browsers and platforms, including iOS, Android, Flash Lite, webOS and Windows. The major functions of AdMob are monetization, promotion and app performance analysis. Therefore, developers, publishers, media buyers and advertisers use its service, delivering 200 billion requests monthly. The most prominent partners of AdMob are Fingersoft, Herocraft, PicsArt, Sega and Colorpl.

AdMob Company Stats

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Information for Advertisers

AdMob offers a wide range of tools for sales facilitation and cross-platform promotion. By using paid ad campaigns, it’s possible to reach your primary audience via Google search and YouTube channels. By implementing free in-house ads designed for Android and iOS, you can target users more precisely and boost revenues. AdMob provides an opportunity to try different targeting combinations and determine the best performing one. Therefore, you don’t have to look for any additional services or tools.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

Developers and publishers can monetize apps and maximize revenues with AdMob. Due to the constantly growing demand from advertisers and outstanding mediation services, there is 15-20% increase in average revenues. Furthermore, AdMob provides the following benefits:

  • A variety of ad formats (interstitial ads, banners and videos) for enhanced user experience;
  • Advanced filters to control undesired ads;
  • Customizable native ads;
  • Ability to access all Google bidding buyers and advertisers in real time;
  • Top fill rates;
  • State-of-the-art mediation services;
  • Higher revenues in comparison to other platforms.

Account Help

Contacts: 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View CA 94043.

Phone number: 650-253-0000

Help Center:



At AdMob website, there are no job openings per se. However, the company has just announced a student app challenge that will help winners get noticed by the top executives. Also, since AdMob is a subsidiary of Google, you can check vacancies at

Editor’s AdMob Review

Established in 2006 by Omar Hamoui, AdMob very soon attracted the attention of Google. In 2009, Google acquired the company for $750 million, making AdMob one of its priciest purchases. Nowadays, AdMob is a mobile advertising market leader bringing together advertisers and publishers from all over the world. Some experts call the platform ‘AdSense for mobile’, which is very true. Not only is it compatible with all popular mobile platforms, but also it incorporates important components of Google’s ad network.

Advertisers use AdMob to reach their target audience, generate leads and promote apps. By using in-app purchase house ads, advertisers can facilitate transactions from their primary users. AdMob has a special algorithm to identify the most valuable users and target them more accurately. Furthermore, it is possible to impose the maximum number of impressions for a given campaign. Note that all the revenues obtained during a promotional campaign is divided between advertisers (60%) and Google (40%).

To get AdMob services up and running, users do not need additional technical knowledge. What they need is a functioning AdSense account. After installation, users can build different types of ads, experiment with design and test their performance. As a result, it is simple to optimize campaigns and facilitate clicks.

For professionals, AdMob has several advanced options at place. The most prominent one is mediation that enables displaying ads from various sources. Hence, it is possible to track which ads are the most profitable and increase impression rates. Another important feature of AdMob is automatic optimization. It monitors historical performance and delivers results so that users can boost leads.

It should be noted that AdMob has excellent targeting and filtering options. If there are any ads that users don’t want to display in their apps, it is possible to ban them. Therefore, many advertisers can protect their brands from negative perceptions.

AdMob provides detailed reports that come handy when users analyze campaigns and consider certain modifications. Also, there is a user-friendly dashboard that help partners observe all the on-going processes of their campaigns.

AdMob imposes ad limitations, which result in significant disadvantages for partners. It allows displaying only one ad at a time on scroll pages. Besides, there are certain regulations regarding ad positioning. AdMob has them at place in order to minimize the number of invalid clicks.

In terms of account help, AdMob has a room for improvement. There are no individual account managers to assist in urgent situations. Furthermore, it is very hard to access support representatives. For any additional information, users are redirected to the AdMob’s FAQ section.

To conclude, AdMob is a reliable platform for app promotion and monetization. The pros of AdMob are high fill rates, top sCPM as well as its ability to analyze and optimize app performance. However, there are potential cons to beware of, including the necessity of an AdSense account and certain ad placement restrictions. Furthermore, AdMob has a very low account help rating, which means that users facing difficulties with the platform cannot get prompt assistance.

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