Promote Your Mobile App

With so many new apps that appear in the market, you may find it difficult to deliver your award-winning product to the target audience. Efficient promotion strategy is the key to success.

Here are some useful tips that will market your application to target customers at short notice. You are not obliged to follow this particular order. Our mission is to bring some of the best methods to promote your app. Try any of them and determine which methods can eventually come in handy.

Step 1.

Introduce your product to the market. You should not snow your potential customers under with tons of information. In some cases one clear and simple sentences is more than enough. Benefit from numerous successful landing page examples like Tinder.

Step 2.

Update your content. Potential customers are always in search of the up-to-date information. Starting a blog would be a great idea whenever you need to show off your expertise and knowledge in the niche.

Social Media Marketing. You should not be an expert when promoting your app via some major social media sources. Make your users involved in the comprehensive communication and let them share your information. Use various social channels and get the inspiration from the most efficient and engaging introductions like Mashable, for instance.

Step 4.

Make customers curious. Provide users with beta versions of your app and create a background of advanced submissions using teasers before introducing the final version of the application.

Step 5.

Video introduction of your application. Use this tool only in case you are 100% certain about your product. Video intro should reveal all key benefits of your app. It will hardly be a success unless you managed to create a prize-winning product that is of no competition in the niche. Note that you will have to update your video content as your product will change and evolve within a certain period. Follow Sandwich Video if you feel like taking that challenge.

Step 6.

Show off your ideal pitch. You should never be despaired when users are not interested in your product. Benefit from your email database and contact your potential customers. Some of them will certainly email you back expressing their interest in the app. Tech blogs will appear to be rather helpful.

Step 7.

Use best app review websites. The main idea is to get your future customers know about the benefits of your app as soon as possible. You can ask for application reviews on various reputable online platforms like Mevvy or any other websites indicated in the list above. Anyway, try to stay relevant.

Step 8.

Qualified writer for promotion. Finding a writer who has a good background in your particular niche is a godsend. Contact them and ask whether they are interested to write about your product introducing its main benefits.

Step 9.

Use efficient content discovery tools. Disqus channel can appear to be extremely handy when it comes to bringing the traffic back to your blog.

Step 10.

Build your level of expertise. Whenever you come across and article or news related to your niche, do not hesitate to contribute to the conversation. Leave comments and reviews; take part in discussions on websites that use Disqus channels as well.

Step 11.

Keep in touch with the latest trends. Inforgraphics appeared to be modern and efficient marketing tool. At the same time, there are many services like available online free.

Step 12.

Grab your app Oscar or Golden Globe. You can find numerous reputable sources and platforms that establish their prestigious application awards and prizes in various nominations. Apply for them to get in the A-list.

Step 13.

Quantity does not always comes with quality. It is vital to communicate with one user at a time. At this point retention is of greater importance if compared with acquisition. One returning customer providing efficient feedback is better than 100 potential users without a slightest hint on direct conversation.

Step 14.

Land your users a hand. Note that some users may require additional information that will forces them to make their choice in favor of your products. Be ready to answer their questions and provide with recommendations. Such approach will certainly take the number of downloads to a higher level.

Step 15.

Introduce the solution. The idea is to present a problem-solving application that is handy. Deliver your product to target customers who really need it.

Step 16.

Use podcasts. Launch your own shows and record podcasts describing the main benefits of your app. List the problems in can solve without providing ready solutions. shows prove the efficiency of such tool. Follow them on Soundcloud.

Step 17.

Launch and develop your community. There are numerous efficient social platforms to implement that strategy. For instance, is idea for promoting local groups. You can also use wider networks like Facebook and other social platforms for online groups.

Step 18.

Reward active users. Various services let you stimulate the most engaged and active users for every link they share or posts they write. and other tools let you create special awards and prizes.

Step 19.

Implement an efficient ASO strategy. Keep an eye on every detail that may influence app store ranking from titles and descriptions to optimized icons, screenshots and searching tutorials.

Step 20.

Full-scale promotion. Use all possible informational channels to promote your app. Indicate links to your blog or website making everyone know what product you represent.

Step 21.

Speak for your product. Take part in various topical conferences and presentations. Try to speak as much about problems (not solutions) as possible. Benefit from panel discussions as well.

Step 22.

Let your users compete for a prize. Get your users involved in various online contests and make them tagged with specific hashtags via various social media channels. Do not forget about a public reward for all winners.

Step 23.

Offer vacancies. This one may sound useless. On the other hand, it has always proves to serve your promotional needs. There is always a candidate seeking better job perspectives.

Step 24.

YouTube channel. Follow Vimeo and create your own video channel featuring regular content and post updates. Launch news blocks and flash series in addition to main and descriptive hashtags.

Step 25.

Opt for high-quality PR services. There is nothing wrong in hiring professional PR managers. Efficient PR campaign is the key to success from the very start. The Mailbox application is the best example of successful PR strategy featuring over 500,000 subscribers awaiting the launch.

Step 26.

Advertising space. Use various services like that let you grab your advertising space on relevant web resources and platforms.

Step 27.

Go offline for more target customers. Guerilla marketing has proved to serve its purposes. All you need is to implement an efficient marketing structure that features the following stages: you appear – you confuse – you clarify – you vanish.

Step 28.

Use commercial services. StumbleUpon is an efficient tool letting your customers reveal necessary content they will never be able to discover. The main idea is that the content reflects their interested and needs.

Step 29.

Opt for AdWords. This toll may come in handy if you are using keywords for a search engines optimization.

Step 30.

Widen your communication circle. It appears that the closest people like friends and family are less involved in the process you are busy with. Let them know as much about your project as possible, share your experience with classmates and colleagues.

Step 31.

Establish loyalty policy. Award your returning users with additional discounts and bonuses. Attract more customers with special offers at a particular part of the day as well as holiday bonuses.

Step 32.

Increase the number of subscribers. The longer list of subscribers you have, the better for app promotion. Collect as many emails as you can and snow the under with newsletters.

Step 33.

Appreciate your critics. Always work with negative reviews and comments. Deliver efficient solutions and discounts to retaining customers, as they are 80% cheaper if compared with attracting new users. You may find rather handy.

Step 34.

Provide faster downloads. Using codes that can be scanned on your business cards will save your users’ time.

Step 35.

Team up with other app enthusiasts. Seeking partners can be more efficient that you expect. Cross-promotion appear to be a vital tool for an efficient campaign.

Step 36.

Get the App of The Day award. Take part in various contests established by reputable online services.

Step 37.

Develop your star rating. Get your customers involved in the rating process and try to keep it as real as possible. Fake reviews are identified immediately.

Step 38.

Choose your very spot. Categories and keywords for your app should be chosen thoroughly to result in a wider representation with a better ranking in particular areas.

Step 39.

Provide users with options. Accessibility of the invitation system is more likely to stimulate users on inviting new customers. The procedure is similar to Candy Crush.

Step 40.

Track your performance level. Always keep in touch with the latest data on how users interact with your product. You can benefit from a variety of analytic online tools such as Flurry or AppAnnie.

Step 41.

Make your product noticeable. Getting along with app store editors is vital if you are eager to take your beneficiary place on their digital shelves. Try to become their fav.

Step 42.

Share your experience. Contribution to other websites and blogs is vital. Do not hesitate to share your own ideas and expertise while putting a link to your own product.

Step 43.

Benefit from coupon services. There are several easy ways letting you track your outcome. Implement an efficient coupon campaign.

Step 44.

Stimulate your retaining users. Benefit from efficient initiatives launched by Google and Facebook to get your users back to the application.

Step 45.

Implement Facebook ad campaigns by means of newsfeeds.

Step 46.

Use customized stamps and opt for

Step 47.

Provide a feedback. Users are always searching for answers. Use avoiding self-promotion. Users will hardly appreciate that.

Step 48.

Keep noticeable. Creative thinking is great as well as being funny and sometimes shocking when it comes to Reddit.

Step 49.

Get additional downloads from your SlideShare presentations. They may interest other developers as well.

Step 50.

Make users promote your product. Stimulate users share your application with friends and colleagues. “Tell-a-friend” feature com appear to be rather efficient.

Step 51.

Establish cross-ad approach. Whenever you want to exchange or share your ad space, opt for AdMob or Appsfire services.

Step 52.

Be active at LinkedIn. Take part in discussions, leave comments and posts with relevant links if possible.

Step 53.

Arrange a catchy debut. Throw a launch party and make it as memorable as possible. Broadcast it in the web and invite press and social media representatives. Make it fun and entertaining.

Step 54.

Classics is immortal. Traditional old school ads can be even more efficient if compared with innovative solutions.

Step 55.

Create posters and wallpapers promoting your app. Some users may like the idea.

Step 56.

Customize your stamp logo. Make every detail related to your product.

Step 57.

Free trials. Let users get acquainted with your app using free trials. It will help you build good relations and establish customer-oriented approach.

Step 58.

Use AdRoll for retargeting. Some users may hesitate and need time to make a decision. Use AdRoll to track those who have previously visited your website of blog.

Step 59.

Follow the best example. Alike with Starbuck’s and other reputable names mini cards may come in handy. You can spread them in local stores or cafes. Send welcoming letters and welcome cards.

Step 60.

Track users’ interests. It is vital to understand what content if of more interest for the users.

Step 61.

Create your Pinterest account. Share your photos, logos and other useful content representing your product featuring links to your blog or website.

Step 62.

Let users save money. Establish promo codes and special discounts letting users benefit from bonuses and opportunity to save money.

Always keep in touch with the feedback provided by your existing customers and users Pay attention to their every claim. The idea is to establish an efficient communication via all possible channels available in the web.